CTRL _ is an award winning, cross-disciplinary design studio, focused on the interior architectural environment. We create special spaces. We exist for design and the journey it takes us on. For us, design transcends more than just aesthetic qualities; it’s about meaning and experience. We want people to connect and engage with what we create.


As a team, we share a passion for pushing creative boundaries. We pride ourselves on a dynamic team environment with a progressive attitude in both our approach to projects and our working culture. Everyone brings together a diverse range of skills and experience and collectively we represent a powerful team that is up for any challenge.


We live for change. It is often said that bad design is much more perceivable than good design and that good design is wildly undervalued. We want to change this. We want to make good design commonplace. We need to be relevant.

The Journey

We strive NOT to have a particular aesthetic. Instead we aim to apply unique and individual creative thinking based on thorough research and strategy, to establish narratives and relevance. We continue this approach from conceptual thought through to the technical resolution of every project. We believe this journey is an holistic and organic one and welcome collaboration at any juncture. From feasibility and ideation, through to the final styling touches, we are fully invested into each project that comes into our studio, at every step of the way.

The Studio

Interior Awards 2016


Interior Awards 2015

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